Will pressure wash damage my driveway? The short answer is NO. Nonetheless, while concrete is durable and can survive practically any weather condition, it is not impregnable. When it comes to the potential for damage, concrete is just as susceptible as anything else when handled incorrectly.

This is a frequent concern we get from clients as one of the top residential and commercial pressure cleaning service providers in Perth, Western Australia. For any homeowner, a driveway may be a substantial investment. So, it is a question that merits asking.

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Here are some of the factors our team at The Pressure Cleaning Guys takes into account when pressure cleaning a driveway:

  • How Much Pressure Is Required?
  • What Size Tip Is Required?
  • How Far Away Should I Clean?
  • How Much Water Flow Is Required?
  • What Exactly Are We Trying to Remove, of course?

Understanding a few specifics regarding the driveway surface in particular that you wish to clean is essential. This is because every surface’s density and structure are unique.

To begin, you must recognize what you have and understand its composition and hardness. After you are aware of and understand what is required, you may securely clean your driveway.

The majority of driveways in Perth, Western Australia are composed of concrete, clay, or stone. We have the following full concrete-based surfaces:

  • Stamped Or Stencilled
  • Coloured Through
  • Broom Finish
  • Stained
  • Pavers made of concrete
  • Polished

Other kinds include concrete and stone mixtures, also called:

  • Cobble Stone
  • Exposed Aggregate or Pebble Crete
  • Non-Concrete Surfaces Commonly Used for Driveways
  • Sandstone Pavers and Clay Pavers (Brick Pavers)

Except for sandstone paving, all of the aforementioned surfaces are extremely tough. Sandstone is quite soft in comparison and is most likely the type of service that will be damaged by high-pressure water cleaning. When cleaning sandstone, the amount of pressure exerted must be controlled.

Small pressure washers cannot adjust the pressure, so it’s all or nothing. They can cause irrevocable damage to your stone if they fall into the wrong hands. These units contain a small amount of water, narrow fans, and high pressure.

When the operator is too close, the focused pressure causes them to function like an engraving tool. It is not only cleaned but it is also engraved.

Hire Professional Pressure Cleaning Services in Perth, Western Australia

Pressure washers can cause irreversible damage to everything from paintwork to concrete surfaces, resulting in costly repairs and, in some cases, dangerous outcomes.

The Pressure Cleaning Guys employs professional machinery with complete control over pressure. This is critical for cleaning the numerous surfaces with which we work daily.

We also utilize various treatments as an aid, which essentially means less pressure is required, resulting in a cleaner, longer-lasting finish.

Don’t put your driveway at risk by hiring cheap pressure cleaning services. The Pressure Cleaning Guys are ready to deliver expert, cost-effective services now. Please feel free to contact us today!