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Metal roof & tile roof cleaning

Roof Cleaning in Perth

Is your roof covered in moss, or generally looking tired and dull? We can make it look brand new again without having to paint or coat it! We have a pressure washer to perfectly clean your roof for your roof restoration service.

The most common metal or tiled roof degradation that we see in Perth is the slowly build-up of sheets of soft moss and soft mold on any type of roofing. Bore stains come to the surface when we use groundwater to water our plants via irrigation. Our professional roof cleaning hose uses a hot water cleaner to clean the roof which strips growth off the tiles and kills the spores with heat. Whatever materials your roof has, it could be colorbond Metal or Terracotta tile, our attention to detail covers every inch. Once we start cleaning, we clean each tile, the ridge capping, dangerous edges, and then leave your gutters clean and empty of dirt. Once the roof power washing cleaner is completed, we apply a barrier treatment to prevent any regrowth from occurring. Our stain remover will be the answer!

Once it is time for a roof to wash, rinse, and clean, it will generally cost you because of some minor repairs due to natural wear and tear. Before starting each roof cleaning job we conduct a thorough inspection of the roof, highlighting any potential cost or material requirements you may have for repairs before we start cleaning.

Fully insured and have had proper training to work at heights, you can be sure that our team of professionals and cleaners are ready to thoroughly clean all form of repair your roof needs. This will surely extend the life of your roof. If you saw any roof needs in your property, don’t just neglect and keep on walking to avoid further damages. Also, don’t risk doing it yourself (DIY) and cause more harm than good! Most over the counter stain removers are a waste of time and money, especially for a bore stain or iron stains. We have completed a number of projects that require different mixtures and methods of coated chemicals for concrete roof structure maintenance.

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    High-pressure roof cleaning

    is also used as the starting point for roof restoration as it will completely clean the surface making it ready for new paints and sealants. It will wash all elements of your roof that could be blocking your roof’s natural state or gutter system. Need a full restoration? Give us a call to see how we can help you today. When you hire us for roof cleaning and completed performance of restorations to save you from unnecessary costs.

    Gutter Cleaning

    Don’t let rain or storm water leak into your metal or tiled roof space due to clogged gutters. Our handy staff cleaners have suitable tools and equipment that can repair, remove, and replace all litter from your gutters, ensuring that they are not exposed from debris and preventing overflow and potential leaks during storms on your gutter system.

    Roof treatments

    Protective coating to prevent pollution damage, mold and algae on your colorbond metal roof. The Pressure cleaning guys are also experienced in metal roof or Terracotta tiled roof paint coatings to protect your roofing from harsh weather or elements and our technicians can apply an anti mold, moss, lichen and algae coating to your colorbond metal roof that penetrates deep into the tiles and eliminates the growth of pests for added protection on your roofs. We always recommend a chemical treatment for the ongoing hygiene and maintenance of your colorbond metal roof and home and to avoid further damage and roof repair or worse, replacement that will cost you more.

    Improve the longevity of your colorbond metal roof. Our treatment will ensure that any type of metal roof stays clean for longer, preventing the growth of moss and lichen and ensuring that grime and dirt don’t build up on the surface. We can provide anything your roof will need.

    We use bleach and other chemical mixtures depending on what your roof may need. Hiring us is your best option because we lead in roof cleaning all over Perth and the metro region. Even if you have a metal roofs, we can help with our pro roof cleaner!

    We can remove iron bore stains from driveways, pathways, retaining walls, fences and walls of buildings, rendered, brick, limestone etc. And a suitable water treatment system will remove iron and in conjunction with dripline irrigation it is never a problem again. Or you may want to consider a professional treatment system that uses a non-toxic solution to neutralize and filter the iron oxide.

    We understand the needs of our commercial clients for roof cleaning and pressure washing. You can count on our roof restoration service any for type of roof, even tile roofs.
    That is why we provide professional roof restoration in all areas. Our professional roof cleaner and roofers offer a weekend and after-hours emergency pressure washing solution at no extra cost. So, you can keep your property roof clean anytime!

    We understand the needs of our commercial clients. That why we service all areas and offer a weekend and after-hours emergency service.

    • Removal of mold

    • Grease & Oil Marks

    • Graffiti

    • Old Paint

    • Bore Water

    • Wet moss, lichen, algae, mildew

    • Surface Restoration

    • Surface Preparation

    Your Local Pressure Cleaning Experts

    Don’t settle for second best when it comes to your roofing repairs. The Pressure Cleaning Guys have a wealth of industry experience and methods in the cleaning process of your roofing and proudly service in Brisbane and Perth metro region, providing a suite of high-pressure cleaning and sealing services.
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    Customer Reviews

    We take pride in each and every job we undertake. Check out some of our reviews.

    Karen Chin

    “Excellent and prompt communication, professional service and very happy with the outcome! Would recommend. Thanks Jaxon and Fred!.”

    James Crossland

    “The guys were great, worked hard all day and my house looks like it’s just been built. Amazing the difference it makes getting the moss off the tiles and all the paving cleaned up. Super happy”

    Darilyn Evans

    “Quick to respond to enquiry for a quote. Price was reasonable and job booked in. Arrived as expected and worked effectively. Very happy with thoroughness of job and willingness to go the extra step where needed”

    Matt Evans

    “Recently had my backyard and driveway done by Jaxon and his team. Really makes the house look brand new again, i cant believe how great the job came up. I 100% recommend using these guys!”

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