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Roof Cleaning in Perth

Complete Metal Roof & Tile Roof Cleaning

Is your roof covered in moss, or generally looking tired and dull? We can make it look brand new again without having to paint or coat it with our roof pressure washing service!

The most common metal or tiled roof degradation that we see in Perth is the slow build-up of sheets of soft moss and mould on any type of roofing. Bore stains come to the surface when we use groundwater to water our plants via irrigation. Our professional roof cleaning hose uses a hot water cleaner to clean the roof which strips growth off the tiles and kills the spores with heat.

Whatever material of the roof, it could be colorbond metal or terracotta tile, our attention to detail covers every inch. Once we start cleaning, we clean each tile, ridge capping, and dangerous edge, and then leave your gutters clean and empty of dirt. Once the roof power washing cleaner is completed, we apply a barrier treatment to prevent any regrowth from occurring. Our stain remover will be the answer!

Our Comprehensive Services

We understand the needs of our commercial clients. That’s why we service all areas and offer weekend and after-hours emergency cleaning services.

High-pressure roof cleaning

Used as the starting point for roof restoration, high-pressure roof cleaning will completely clean the surface making it ready for new paints and sealants. It washes all elements of your roof that could be blocking your roof’s natural state or gutter system. Need a full restoration? Give us a call to see how we can help you today. Our roof cleaning and restorations can save you from unnecessary costs.

Gutter Cleaning

Don’t let rain or storm water leak into your metal or tiled roof space due to clogged gutters. Our handy pressure cleaners have the tools and equipment needed to repair, remove, and replace all litter from your gutters. This ensures they are not exposed to debris and prevents overflow and potential leaks during storms on your gutter system.

Roof treatments

A protective coating can prevent pollution damage, mould, and algae on your colorbond metal roof. We are experienced with metal and terracotta tiled roof paint coatings to protect your roofing from harsh weather or elements. Our technicians can apply anti-mould treatments to moss, lichen, or algae that may be present on your roof. This penetrates deep into the tiles and eliminates the growth of pests for added protection on your roofs. We always recommend a chemical treatment for the ongoing hygiene and maintenance of your roof to avoid further damage or worse, a replacement that will cost you more. We understand the needs of our commercial clients for roof cleaning and pressure washing. You can count on our roof restoration service for any type of roof, even tile roofs. That is why we provide professional roof restoration in all areas. Our professional roof cleaners and roofers offer a weekend and after-hours emergency pressure washing solution at no extra cost. So you can keep your roof clean at all times!
Removal of mold
Grease & Oil Marks
Old Paint
Surface Restoration
Bore Water
Wet moss, lichen, algae, mild
Surface Preparation

Why Choose The Pressure Cleaning Guys?

The Pressure Cleaning Guys seek excellence in all we do. We make sure we deliver the highest standards of workmanship in all our pressure cleaning services.
This is our commitment to you.


Our Quality commitment is founded upon two of our core values: integrity and service. These values are reflected in our relationships with our clients. We first seek to understand your needs and expectations, then prioritise their delivery no matter which pressure cleaning service you need. To ensure quality delivery, we ensure adequate resources are designated for each job. We provide consistency of standards, compliance with agreed specifications, and staff safety.


Our People are the foundation of our core business values. Every part of our business reflects this, and we select our employees based on their commitment and desire to help us achieve our vision. We ensure that all employees feel as though they are a valuable part of the business and that their actions and efforts reflect the values of The Pressure Cleaning Guys.


We use custom-designed equipment assembled here in Perth, Western Australia. Our equipment and parts are sourced from top-quality international suppliers. We invested in highly powered components to ensure a high-quality delivery for any job. This allows us to tackle large-scale jobs with greater efficiency and effectiveness and to provide the very best pressure washing services anywhere in Perth.


We devote a significant amount of time to training and developing our team. We develop their skills and awareness so that they can carry out duties safely and effectively. There are several key hazards that are always assessed as part of every job including slips and trips, appropriate drain-off, machinery placement signage is used to inform the public of areas that are wet or under work, and areas are demarcated appropriately, and electrical isolation when working around live areas & working at heights.

Recent Roof Cleaning Transformations

We also specialise in High Pressure Cleaning!

Got some tough stains, scuffs, dirt, or oil on your surface that need to be removed?

The Pressure Cleaning Guys are your local professionals to help clean your surface and get it looking as good as the day you got it. We have a wealth of industry experience in high-pressure cleaning to get the job done in a timely and effective way. Learn more about our high-pressure cleaning service or contact us today!

We are Perth’s Highest Rated Pressure Cleaning & Sealing Team

We always strive to deliver the best results with every job we take on, no matter how big or small. Here are some amazing reviews left by our very satisfied clients!

Roof Cleaning FAQs

What types of roofs can your pressure cleaning services safely clean?

Our pressure cleaning services in Perth are equipped to handle a variety of roof types with utmost care and efficiency. Whether it’s the common asphalt shingles, durable metal roofs, or delicate terracotta roof tiles, our experienced team can clean them safely. We specialise in soft washing techniques for sensitive materials to avoid any potential damage to your roof.

For those with solar panels, our solar panel cleaning services ensure that your energy efficiency is not compromised by dirt and debris. We also provide thorough cleaning for colorbond roofs, ensuring they maintain their aesthetic and functional integrity. In addition to roof pressure cleaning, our services extend to gutter cleaning, which is vital for preventing water damage and maintaining the overall health of your roof.

Understanding the local weather conditions in Perth, we tailor our approach to suit your roof’s specific needs. From removing stubborn stains and moss and lichen to conducting regular roof washing, we aim to extend the life of your roof. Our trusted roof cleaning service includes an assessment of the entire roof, identifying areas that need special attention, like parts of the roof more exposed to wind and rain.

Request a free quote for roof cleaning from our Perth experts. Our professional roof cleaners use a combination of high-pressure cleaning and soft washing, depending on the material of your roof, to ensure thorough cleaning without causing any damage. By hiring our professional service, you not only make your roof look good and keep it in top condition but also potentially avoid costly roof replacements and repairs when proper roof maintenance is neglected.

How does a professional roof cleaning service improve the lifespan of my roof?

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, so it’s important to keep it in good condition. Regular professional roof cleaning can help to improve the lifespan of your roof and keep it looking its best.

Gutters can become clogged with leaves and debris, which can lead to water damage. When you have your roof cleaned by a professional, they will also clean your gutters, which can help to prevent water damage.

Perth is a particularly rain prone city in winter, and this can lead to mould and mildew build-up on your roof. Professional roof cleaning can remove mould and mildew, and help to prevent it from coming back.

Regular professional roof cleaning can help to extend the life of your roof by keeping it clean and free of debris. This can help you avoid expensive repairs or replacements down the line. If you’re looking for a professional roof cleaning service in Perth, get in touch with us today.

Can pressure cleaning remove tough stains like algae or moss from my roof?

Yes, pressure cleaning is highly effective at removing tough stains, including algae and moss, from your roof. These stubborn growths, which are common in damp/humid environments, can cling to roof surfaces and potentially cause damage over time. Our pressure cleaning process uses specialised equipment and techniques to target and remove these unwanted elements safely.

We adjust the pressure and use specific cleaning agents to ensure that the removal process is thorough yet gentle enough to prevent any damage to your roofing materials. Whether your roof is made of tiles, shingles, or metal, our experienced technicians know exactly how to tackle these tough stains effectively, leaving your roof not only clean but also in good condition. Regular pressure cleaning can help maintain the integrity of your roof and extend its lifespan by preventing the buildup of these harmful substances.

Do you offer a specialised roof washing service for different materials?

Absolutely, our Perth team is highly experienced in providing specialised cleaning for a variety of roof materials. Whether you’re looking to get your roof in pristine condition with our roof soft washing for delicate terracotta tiles, or need a thorough cleaning for a durable colorbond or cement-tiled roof, we have the expertise. Our professional roof cleaners in Perth use advanced cleaning agents and techniques tailored to each type of roof, ensuring no damage to your roof tiles or the surface of your roof.

At The Pressure Cleaning Guys, we understand that each roof has its own needs. Stains, dirt, or moss that form on the surface of your roof require careful removal to prevent damage to your expensive roof. By hiring our professional roof cleaning team, you’re ensuring that these elements are removed effectively, making your roof look clean and extending its lifespan. 

For those concerned about the potential cost, we offer the best price for top-rated roof cleaning services in Perth. Get a free quote for roof cleaning from us, and see how we can transform the look of your home. Our goal is to provide great service, leaving your roof looking as good as new without letting any damage stay on the roof. Choose us for your roof cleaning jobs, and you’ll see why we’re rated as experts in roof cleaning in Perth.

How quickly can I expect to see results from your roof pressure cleaning service, and how long will they last?

When you choose our roof cleaning Perth experts, you’ll witness an almost immediate transformation of your roof. As soon as our professional roof cleaning team completes the job, your roof’s appearance will dramatically improve. Our effective cleaning system meticulously removes roof stains, moss, and lichen, reviving the overall look of your home.

The longevity of a clean roof depends on several factors, including the local Perth climate and the roof’s exposure to natural elements. Typically, a roof cleaned by our local roof cleaning professionals will retain its pristine condition for several years. To ensure your roof stays looking its best, we provide the best roof cleaning service in Perth at a competitive price. Our soft washing technique is gentle on cement tiled and other roof surfaces, preventing any damage to your roof tiles.

For ongoing maintenance, we offer regular cleaning schedules to keep your roof in top condition. This proactive approach not only maintains the aesthetic appeal of your whole roof but also safeguards it against potential damage. Don’t let your roof be at the mercy of the elements – get a quote for roof cleaning in Perth from us today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with hiring expert roof cleaners. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible service, ensuring your roof looks as good as new and prolonging its lifespan.

How often should I have my roof professionally cleaned to maintain its condition?

At The Pressure Cleaning Guys, we recommend that your roof undergoes professional cleaning every 1 to 2 years to keep it in optimal condition. This frequency may vary depending on your specific circumstances, such as the location of your property and the type of roofing material.

Our team specialises in soft roof cleaning methods, which are effective at removing stains and buildup without causing damage to your roof tiles. Regular cleaning not only enhances the appearance of your home but also prevents potential damage to your roof. A dirty roof left untreated can lead to deterioration over time, and our goal is to ensure this doesn’t happen.

When you hire us, the cleaning process involves a thorough inspection of your roof to identify any specific needs it may have. Our expert roof cleaning service is designed to address these needs effectively, using gentle yet effective techniques and high-quality cleaning agents.

Remember, regular maintenance by professional roof cleaners like us can help to extend the life of your roof and avoid costly repairs in the future. If you’re uncertain about your roof’s cleaning schedule, feel free to contact us for a consultation and quote. We’ll assess your roof’s condition and provide you with a tailored solution to keep your roof looking great and functioning well year after year.