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Expert Graffiti Removal Services

Advanced Graffiti Removal: Expert Care for Your Property

Graffiti, while sometimes artistic, can often be an unwelcome addition to your property, affecting its appearance and value. Our professional graffiti removal services are here to restore the pristine look of your property. Using advanced techniques and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, we can safely and effectively remove graffiti from various surfaces, including brick, concrete, metal, and wood.

Our team is equipped to handle both small and large-scale graffiti removal projects with the utmost care and efficiency. Whether it’s a one-time incident or an ongoing issue, we have the expertise to provide a quick and comprehensive solution.

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Our Comprehensive Services

Our state-of-the-art hot water equipment combined with our onsite experience allows us to offer an affordable and effective graffiti cleaning solution, throughout Perth.

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Grease & Oil Marks
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Why Choose The Pressure Cleaning Guys?

The Pressure Cleaning Guys seek excellence in all we do. We make sure we deliver the highest standards of workmanship in all our pressure cleaning services.
This is our commitment to you.


Our Quality commitment is founded upon two of our core values: integrity and service. These values are reflected in our relationships with our clients. We first seek to understand your needs and expectations, then prioritise their delivery no matter which pressure cleaning service you need. To ensure quality delivery, we ensure adequate resources are designated for each job. We provide consistency of standards, compliance with agreed specifications, and staff safety.


Our People are the foundation of our core business values. Every part of our business reflects this, and we select our employees based on their commitment and desire to help us achieve our vision. We ensure that all employees feel as though they are a valuable part of the business and that their actions and efforts reflect the values of The Pressure Cleaning Guys.


We use custom-designed equipment assembled here in Perth, Western Australia. Our equipment and parts are sourced from top-quality international suppliers. We invested in highly powered components to ensure a high-quality delivery for any job. This allows us to tackle large-scale jobs with greater efficiency and effectiveness and to provide the very best pressure washing services anywhere in Perth.


We devote a significant amount of time to training and developing our team. We develop their skills and awareness so that they can carry out duties safely and effectively. There are several key hazards that are always assessed as part of every job including slips and trips, appropriate drain-off, machinery placement signage is used to inform the public of areas that are wet or under work, and areas are demarcated appropriately, and electrical isolation when working around live areas & working at heights.

Recent Cleaning Transformations

We also specialise in High Pressure Cleaning!

Got some tough stains, scuffs, dirt, or oil on your surface that need to be removed?

The Pressure Cleaning Guys are your local professionals to help clean your surface and get it looking as good as the day you got it. We have a wealth of industry experience in high-pressure cleaning to get the job done in a timely and effective way. Learn more about our high-pressure cleaning service or contact us today!

We are Perth’s Highest Rated Pressure Cleaning & Sealing Team

We always strive to deliver the best results with every job we take on, no matter how big or small. Here are some amazing reviews left by our very satisfied clients!

Graffiti Removal FAQs

What types of surfaces can your graffiti removal services clean?

Our graffiti removal services are versatile, capable of removing graffiti from a broad array of surfaces including concrete, wood, metal, and brick. Years of experience has honed our team’s ability to select the right chemical and cleaning method for each surface type. Whether it’s a delicate wooden surface or a robust concrete wall, our technicians use a combination of high-pressure cleaning and specialised chemicals to remove graffiti without causing damage to the underlying material.

How environmentally friendly is your graffiti removal process?

We take great care in our selection of cleaning agents and methods, ensuring they are environmentally responsible and safe for use in various settings, including schools and public spaces. Our graffiti removal services use eco-friendly chemicals and systems that effectively clean surfaces while minimising environmental impact. This approach is especially important in urban areas like Perth, where graffiti vandalism is common.

What is the response time for your graffiti removal service?

Recognising the urgency to remove graffiti and mitigate its impact on your property or business, we strive to respond swiftly. Our removal service is designed to act quickly, minimising the visibility of graffiti vandalism and restoring the aesthetics of your property. Click on our contact link to request fast service from our responsive team.

Can you handle graffiti removal from large commercial properties?

Yes, our graffiti removal services are well-equipped to handle large-scale projects, including commercial buildings and government properties. With advanced equipment and a team of experienced staff, we can tackle extensive graffiti vandalism, offering protection and restoration to larger spaces.

Will the graffiti removal process harm my property's surface?

Our approach to graffiti removal prioritises the protection of your property’s surface. We carefully tailor our technique to each surface, using the appropriate chemicals and equipment to ensure effective removal without causing damage. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the surface, especially in cases where the graffiti is on painted areas or delicate materials.

Do you provide preventative measures against future graffiti vandalism?

Absolutely. Alongside our graffiti removal services, we offer preventative strategies to combat future graffiti vandalism. One effective solution is the application of anti-graffiti coatings. These coatings act as a protective barrier, making it easier to clean or spray away any new graffiti, significantly reducing future cleaning costs and the potential for damage. In many cases, councils in Australia require such preventative measures, especially in areas frequently targeted by graffiti vandals.

The cost of these preventative solutions varies depending on the size of the area to be covered and the type of coating required. We offer a range of options to suit different surfaces and budgets. Remember, investing in these measures can save you from the high costs and failure associated with repeated graffiti removal.

Our team of expert cleaners can assess your property and provide a tailored solution, factoring in both the initial cost and long-term savings. Contact us to discuss how we can help protect your property from graffiti in a cost-effective and council-compliant manner.