When it comes to graffiti, one of the questions that everyone has is who is responsible for removing it. However, some argue that graffiti is an art and not vandalism; people whose walls have been painted over with this so-called art may not entirely agree. While opinion may be divided, it understandably gets many people furious that the authorities don’t do enough to address the problem. Sure, some graffiti art may offer value in the way of beauty; the majority is downright vandalism with a spray can.

Many people find the detracting aspects of graffiti the most frustrating part of dealing with it, especially if the neighbourhood is rife with it. Nobody appreciates their property being vandalised. Anyone who puts graffiti on a property without the owner’s permission is committing a crime in Australia.

Who’s Responsible for Removing Graffiti?

It is a common question especially asked by home and business owners whose walls have been vandalised. The rules tend to vary depending on where you live. Though generally speaking, if the graffiti is on public property, then it is their responsibility, and if it’s on your property, then you need to get it cleaned.

Reporting Graffiti

If there is graffiti on your wall, you can report it to the authorities. Lodge a complaint with the local police station or use their app to do it. You can also call or email them, but make sure to send pictures of the graffiti, aka crime scene.

If the graffiti is of a racist or obscene nature on public land, the authorities will remove it within 24 hours in most instances.

What Is The Punishment For Graffiti?

The punishment for graffiti artists who vandalise people’s property without their permission is severe. Depending on the damage caused, graffiti artists may have to pay a hefty fine and serve time in prison if found guilty. In minor instances, the graffiti artist may be required to fix the problem they created with a fine.

Getting Rid of Graffiti

If you have graffiti on your property or on the walls of your place of business that does not fall under the local council, it is your job to remove it. You should hire a professional graffiti removal company in your area. A local pressure cleaning service that specializes in removing graffiti should be able to offer you the best results, returning the surface to its original condition.

At the Pressure Cleaning Guys, we provide professional graffiti removal services that are quick and easy. You can contact us today to learn more about how we tackle graffiti using the best pressure washers and a team of experts with years of experience removing graffiti.