Astro-turf tennis courts slowly build up a layer of grey/black soot and dirt after years of use. Dirt, oil and dark staining from algal growth stick to the fibres of the tennis court and the white sand that beds the grass.

An effective way to restore your tennis court to its original perfect green is with high-pressure cleaning. We pressure clean tennis courts regularly, both hard courts and fake grass courts.

There are three components to the cleaning process. First, we wash all of the dirty sand away and dispose of it. Then we shampoo and clean the turf fibres with warm water and medium pressure, we also have a chemical-free cleaning solution available. Finally, we replace the tennis court sand with new, white, special court sand.

If you are tired of your court looking old and worn out, give The Pressure Cleaning Guys a call to see how they can help restore your court to its ATP Glory!

We also offer sport surface cleaning in the Perth area.