A pressure washer is one of the best tools for anyone who wants to clean outdoor areas. Its power, speed and efficiency produce extraordinary results in record time, especially compared to manual clean-up. That’s why pressure washing is one of the most popular ways to achieve stellar cleaning results.

While there are certainly benefits of pressure washing various parts of your home and even your business, that does not mean you should buy one today. Pressure washing can be dangerous; it’s relatively common for someone using a pressure washer to injure themselves, their property and anything nearby. That’s why you’re better off hiring professionals like The Pressure Cleaning Guys.

If you’ve decided to do a bit of pressure cleaning yourself, we have a couple of tips for you. Not only will these tips improve results by helping you avoid damaging property and people nearby.

The 7 Steps To Using A Pressure Washer Safely

The key to using a pressure washer is to approach it with caution. By following these steps, you will be more confident the next time you decide to pressure wash your driveway. We’d like to stress that a pressure washer can destroy your property, so use it at your own risk.

Step no. 1 – You need to start by choosing the right machine and then the nozzle for the job. You don’t want to use a high-pressure and concentrated nozzle for every cleaning project.

Step no. 2 – If you’ve just purchased the machine, start by reading the manual before using the machine. The manual, as expected, will have lots of helpful information, in particular pressure washing information. You will want to refer to the manual when needed, like when approaching certain cleaning projects.

Step no. 3 – Start by removing surface grime; however, before you do, remove all delicate objects, pets, kids, and large objects from the area.

Step no. 4 – You will want to ensure that the water source is at the right pressure and that your hose is free of knots and blocks. Then connect it to the pressure washer.

Step no. 5 – Then turn on the water source, aka the tap, and allow the water to go through the pressure washer for a couple of minutes.

Step no. 6 – Turn on the pressure washer and work on your project. Make sure to use smooth side-to-side swaying motions when cleaning. You also want to move around a lot, or you may damage the work area.

Step no. 7 – Once you’ve done cleaning, turn off the pressure washer, and flush it. You will then want to store it in a safe place.

Pressure washing a driveway is very different from stripping off old paint or cleaning your patio. That’s why unless you’ve had a few hundred hours of experience, there is always a chance you will damage something in the process.


Pressure washers, especially ones that we utilise, are expensive. Most over-the-counter pressure washers can’t achieve what our professional machines can.

That’s why it is best to hire The Pressure Cleaning Guys than risking it on your own. We guarantee results with zero damage.