Oil stains are tough to remove. There are a number of different types of oil stains, coming from food, from outdoor cooking with barbeques, and from motor vehicle oils.  Thankfully you can remove most oil stains yourself at home.

The stains in these bricks below were from animal fats dripping from a spit roast.

To remove oil stains yourself, make sure you try and clean them off as soon as they occur. The longer a stain is left, the harder it is to remove as it penetrates deep into the substrate and binds strongly.

Soak up as much oil as you can with sand or kitty litter. You can then start cleaning.

You need three crucial factors for cleaning: heat, chemical, and agitation.

The heat loosens up all of the bonds and will warm up the oil, making it more liquid and viscous. The chemical will help break the binding forces sticking the oil to the substrate. Agitation physically shifts the oil, allowing removal.

At home, simply boil a kettle, pour it over the stain to heat it up, and then use strong kitchen detergent or mechanics degreaser from a hardware store. Scrub with a stiff brush. You may need to repeat this process a number of times to reduce the stain.

If you can’t remove the stain with this process yourself, call a specialist such as The Pressure Cleaning Guys. We are awarded Pressure cleaning Perth specialists. We use a combination of super hot water (over 100 degrees celsius), specialist chemicals, and high pressure to penetrate deep into the substrate and rip out the oil. After years of experience, we are leaders in the Perth region at removing oil stains.

Unfortunately, our client was unable to remove the above oil stains themself. They called us and we used our specialist method, resulting in this great outcome below.