High-pressure cleaning is the best, most cost-effective method of cleaning a large surface area outside the home. Most local equipment hire stores have a pressure washer available for rent. However, even though doing it yourself will potentially save you money, hiring a professional has several advantages.

Generally, high-pressure cleaning will cost you anywhere from $300-500 for 60-100 square meters. However, several factors may affect the price.

Why Hire Professionals? 

Compared to doing it yourself, one of the most significant advantages of hiring professionals is that you don’t need to spend what could be around $250 a day for a basic machine that pails in comparison to the professional equipment we may use. Not only that but you’ll not have to spend several hours cleaning a much smaller area due to the relative inefficiency of equipment that is available at local hire businesses. That’s why hiring an expert makes so much sense.

Pressure cleaning is deceivingly difficult, where skills and experience matter, contrary to what most people assume. Often varying surfaces will require very different chemicals, different temperatures, and different nozzles attached to the lances of the equipment. That’s why what may work for a concrete driveway isn’t going to work for limestone, or a rendered wall, or your roof tiles. Professionals don’t just use the proper technique but also have powerful equipment that isn’t otherwise available at the local rental shop.

Furthermore, professionals will also use cleaning agents in addition to water pressure. The choice of cleaning agents and how they are used makes a difference in their effectiveness. The wrong choice could mean damage to the environment. For instance, we’ve seen DIY pressure cleaning jobs that have cleaned the surface, but the harsh detergent ruined the lawn.

What Equipment Is Used?

A professional will use quite a few essentials to get the job done. The equipment of choice will depend on the area in question. A driveway, for instance, will require:

  • A leaf blower
  • A petrol powered Italian made pressure cleaning machine, petrol driven with up to 5000PSI
  • A boiler
  • Specialist cleaning agents
  • Multiple cleaning attachments (rotary surface cleaners, different nozzles etc.)

How Much Does It Cost? 

Usually, professionals will charge by the square metre, with varying charges for different surfaces. After all, based on experience, we know that some surfaces will need more time and effort compared to others.

The cost associated with pressure cleaning can often be confusing since the company may charge as much to clean 80 square meters of space as they do 120 square meters. That’s because they factor travel and setup times into the cost. Larger jobs will often be cheaper, usually costing around:

  • 60-80 square metres usually cost around $400
  • You can expect to pay $650 for up to 150 square metres
  • 50 square metres may set you back $200
  • 100 sq/meters of space can cost $550 on average.

As mentioned earlier, the price also depends on the area that needs to be cleaned:

  • Pressure washing a patio paving is $200 on average.
  • Driveways are $350
  • The exterior of a home could set you back $450

Roof cleaning prices will also vary depending on its size and pitch. High-pressure cleaning will start at $5.50 per sq/meter for metal or concrete tile roofing. However, some will charge by the hour, which can be up to $90 per hour on average.

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