Did you know that dirty swimming pools cause 15 to 20 disease outbreaks yearly? We’re talking about stomach bugs, diarrhea, parasites, gastroenteritis, ear, eye, and skin infections, as well as chest infections!

That is what is at stake when you leave your dirty swimming pool unattended for an extended period.

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Clean Pool Guidelines

Pools do not become filthy overnight. The procedure begins slowly but steadily. One day, you’re out in the sun, enjoying the fresh pool water. Another day, you’ll notice its eerie green hue and slime-covered walls.

You had no idea it was going to happen, but before you could react, your pool had turned into a breeding ground for all kinds of insects, bacteria, and who knows what else.

Here are some ways to know in what condition your pool is in:

  • You should be able to see to the bottom of your pool and the water should be clear. If you can’t, your pool can be filled with a lot of algae and hazardous for swimming.
  • If your pool has a strong ‘pool smell,’ this indicates that it is dirty. The strong chlorine odor does not always indicate cleanliness; it can also indicate the opposite because it activates the chlorine response.
  • If the pool’s walls are slimy, germs may be present in high concentrations.

A few simple precautions can keep pools clean. One of them is showering before and after swimming, as well as not swimming if you’ve had diarrhea. Avoid drinking pool water as well.

More information on swimming pool hygiene can be obtained from pool chemical suppliers or pool maintenance companies, public swimming pool staff, or your local council.

To make sure it is exceptionally hygienic, pristine, and ready for the forthcoming swimming season, have your swimming pool high-pressure cleaned. The Pressure Cleaning Guys use equipment that was custom designed and built in Perth, Western Australia.

Our equipment and parts are obtained from high-quality international suppliers. We are the industry leaders in Perth, Western Australia, for pool pressure cleaning.

Winter Pool Cleaning Is A Great Idea

It’s tempting to avoid your pool area during the winter months. However, by ignoring it entirely, you’re passing up one of the best opportunities to give your pool the attention it deserves. During this time, mess and debris tend to pile up quickly.

Needless to say, when the warmer months arrive, you’ll have your work cut out for you. Instead of jumping into a fresh pool in the warm sun, you’ll be spending hours, if not days, cleaning it.

You’ll find it simpler to keep up with the backyard tasks that need to be done. In particular, to guarantee that your pool area is prepared for use when you are.

Here are some great winter pool cleanup activities you should consider doing:

  1. Cleaning Up Chemicals: Cleaning out the pool chemicals that have accumulated over time is beneficial before you start your swimming season.
  2. Getting Your Pool Toys In Order: If you have children or enjoy entertaining guests in and around your pool, you’ve certainly amassed a sizable collection of inflatables and pool toys. Although having them is good, do you know where they are?
  3. Take Charge of Your Garden: We’ve all been there: winter comes, and we leave the lawn and garden untouched, resulting in a jungle to deal with later.
  4. Organizing Odd Jobs: After taking care of the landscape, you’re likely to notice other tasks around your pool that need to be done.

Come spring, you’ll have a lot to be happy about thanks to your winter poolside cleanup. You’ll be grateful you took care of the time-consuming outdoor chores long before the weather started to heat up.

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Ready To Get Your Pool High Pressure Cleaned?

  • Only pools made of plaster, concrete, or exposed aggregate can withstand high-pressure cleaning.
  • Your swimming pool must be drained.

High-pressure cleaning can be used to clean your pool and the area around it. This will leave a lovely, clean area for summertime recreation and relaxation.

For the best high-pressure pool cleaning services in Perth, Western Australia, get in touch with our team at The Pressure Cleaning Guys today.