Getting your own pressure washer sounds fun. But, doing pressure washing on your own has hidden dangers. This task has become more common as pressure washers have become cheaper. Now, more people are hurting themselves by getting splashed on, hurt by debris, or falling off ladders while cleaning.

Common issues from doing pressure washing yourself involve broken glass, peeled paint, wet electrical systems, and even roof damage. So, it’s risky. It’s smarter to hire pros for pressure washing. They know how to avoid accidents.

Key Takeaways

  • Doing pressure cleaning yourself can cut or puncture your skin and hurt your eyes with strong water and bits of dirt.
  • Using pressure washers without experience can lead to bad falls and slips
  • Doing it on your own can damage your stuff, like breaking windows and making your paint come off.
  • More people are trying DIY pressure cleaning because of cheaper machines, but the danger is high
  • It’s better to get pros for pressure washing. They will keep you safe and protect your property

Introduction to DIY Pressure Cleaning

The cost of high pressure cleaners has dropped, making them more popular with homeowners. Now, more people are trying DIY pressure washing for cleaning work. But, this also means more accidents happen – over 6,000 people end up in the Emergency each year due to high pressure injuries.

Affordability Leads to Increased DIY Pressure Cleaning

Pressure washers are now more affordable, leading to a rise in DIY pressure washing attempts by homeowners. However, with more people using these powerful cleaners, the number of accidents and injuries has also gone up.

Rise in Injuries from DIY Pressure Cleaning

Inexperience with high pressure and incorrect chemicals can lead to harm. This harm isn’t just for the user but also anyone nearby, like kids or pets. Each surface needs a specific approach, and wrong handling can lead to big problems.

Potential Injuries from DIY Pressure Cleaning

High pressure cleaners can be dangerous. Incorrect use can lead to skin lacerations, skin punctures, and even death. Their force is around 50 times greater than a regular garden hose. If not used properly, the chemicals can cause severe harm.

Skin Lacerations and Punctures

A pressure washer’s spray can cause skin lacerations and skin punctures. This allows chemicals to get into the bloodstream. Such injuries may need surgery and ongoing treatment.

Eye Injuries from Flying Debris

Eye injuries are common from flying debris off a pressure washer. Without the right eye protection, the high-pressure water can fling particles. This can seriously hurt the eyes.

Falls from Heights and Slips

Many get caught off guard by the kickback. This can push people off ladders. Cleaning gutters and roofs can lead to falls from heights and slips. The pressure washer’s force can easily knock you down.

Risks of Improper Pressure Washer Use

Using a high pressure washer on windows without experience can cause big problems. It might seem easy, but if the pressure is not right or the angle is off, you could crack or break the glass. This also applies to fly screens, which could easily tear.

If a pressure washer isn’t used carefully, it can lead to more issues. For example, it can damage the seal holding windows in place. This might cause mould to grow, leaks, or fog inside your windows. Then, you’d need to replace the whole window.

Damage to Windows and Glass Surfaces

High pressure washers can do a lot more harm than you’d think. They can strip paint, loosen the siding on your home, and even carve into hard surfaces. For example, wood decks and patios can be damaged, screens torn, and sandstone etched. The cost to fix such damage can be very high.

Etching and Stripping of Surfaces

Using a pressure washer wrongly can also damage things like electrical items. The powerful water pressure might reach and harm electrical systems. This can cause serious issues like short circuits. Fixing this kind of damage can be expensive and unsafe, adding to the risks of using a pressure washer.

Water Damage to Electrical Components

Generally, using a pressure washer incorrectly can cause a lot of property damage. Homeowners need to be very cautious. It might be wise to hire professionals. This can help avoid big expenses and dangerous situations.

DIY Pressure Cleaning Risks

Not knowing how to use a pressure washer correctly can lead to injuries to the user. It can also hurt innocent people nearby, like kids and pets. This misuse can also damage the surface you’re trying to clean.

Each surface needs a different approach when using a pressure washer. Mishandling it can cause serious injuries.

Trying to save money by renting a pressure washer yourself is risky. It might look like a good idea, but the costs of possible repairs and hospital bills could be high.

Getting help from a professional can save you from these troubles. A qualified technician not only saves you money but also time and stress.

Safety Precautions for DIY Pressure Cleaning

Tackling high pressure cleaning tasks requires you to put safety first. It’s important to always wear the appropriate protective equipment. Also, be very careful and read all manuals and labels before you start.

Proper Protective Equipment

Wearing the right safety precautions is key when using a pressure washer. You should have on sturdy, slip-resistant protective footwear. Also, wear thick, durable clothing that covers your skin. This protects you from the powerful blasts of water.

Grounding and Electrical Safety

For electric pressure washers, being careful with electricity is a must. Always plug into a properly grounded general purpose outlet. Then, use an extension cord made for wet conditions. These steps help keep the pressure washer safe to use.

Ventilation for Gas-Powered Washers

Fuel-powered pressure washers give off exhaust that is very dangerous to breathe. To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, only use it outside. Make sure the exhaust is away from where people are. This way, there will be enough ventilation.

pressure cleaning dirty wall

Hiring Professional Pressure Washing Services

When you need pressure washing, go for experienced professionals. These qualified technicians have the right expertise and equipment. They get the job done without hurting your stuff.

Experience and Expertise

Experts in pressure washing have been at it for a long time. They know how to check the area first. This includes looking at the safety, the type of paint, and the surface. Then, they set up everything carefully to do the job right.

Proper Equipment and Techniques

The pros use the best pressure washing equipment that you might not have. They pick the right chemicals and cleaners. They manage the pressure and angle just right. This all means no property damage.

Insurance for Potential Damages

If something goes wrong, their insurance kicks in. It helps with the cost of fixing any property damage. This takes the worry off your shoulders.

Although hiring them costs more, it’s worth it. It saves you from big bills later. Having pros do the job protects your place. It also means things go smoothly.


In summary, pressure washers’ affordability has boosted DIY cleaning. Yet, the risks of bad use are significant. Injuries such as cuts, eye problems, and falls are frequent.

DIY work can also badly affect windows and electricals. To keep safe and avoid repairs, go pro not DIY.

Professionals like the Pressure Cleaning Guys bring invaluable skills, specialised equipment, and comprehensive insurance coverage to the table, all of which contribute to significant time and cost savings. By recognising the potential hazards associated with DIY cleaning, you prioritise the cleanliness, safety, and preservation of your property. While the idea of tackling cleaning tasks yourself may seem appealing initially, the potential risks and expenses involved underscore the superiority of opting for experts like the Pressure Cleaning Guys. 

Our expertise not only ensures a thorough job but also minimises the likelihood of damage, enhancing the overall safety and longevity of your property while safeguarding your financial investment.


What are the potential risks of DIY pressure cleaning?

Doing pressure cleaning yourself can be very risky. You might get hurt by debris that flies into your skin or eyes. Also, you can fall off something high and hurt yourself. Plus, you might break windows or damage other parts of your home. Water could even get in and harm electrical stuff.

Why has DIY pressure cleaning become more common in recent years?

More people are doing their own pressure cleaning because the machines are cheaper. But, this means more accidents are happening too. Homeowners are trying it, and more of them are getting hurt.

What types of injuries can occur from improper pressure washer use?

People can hurt themselves in many ways using a pressure washer wrong. You might cut or puncture your skin or hurt your eyes. You could also fall off something tall or slip on a ladder or roof.

How can DIY pressure cleaning damage property?

Using pressure washers incorrectly can damage a lot of things. This might include windows, glass, and other surfaces like siding, paint, and electronics.

What safety precautions should be taken when using a pressure washer?

To stay safe while pressure cleaning, wear the right safety gear. Make sure the machine is used safely with proper electrical connections. If it’s a gas washer, ensure there is enough air to breathe.

Why is it recommended to hire professional pressure washing services?

It’s better to let the pros do the job. They know what they’re doing and have the right tools. They also have insurance, which means you won’t have to worry about accidents or damage. This can save you time and money in the long term.