One of the best ways to increase the durability of residential and commercial concrete under pressure is with concrete sealer.

Concrete sealers are substances that prevent the concrete from absorbing salts and water. The sealant will accomplish this in one of two ways: blocking the pores of the concrete or forming an impermeable layer through which salts and water cannot pass.

The second type of concrete sealer is referred to as ‘film-forming,’ and it is the most commonly used in residential applications. Acrylic, polyurethane, and epoxy are the three types of film-forming concrete sealers.

Concrete sealers provide excellent long-term concrete protection. They help concrete surfaces withstand weather exposure, grease and oil stains, cracking, water damage, abrasion, salts, chipping, expansion, and regular wear and tear.

They are a crucial component of concrete maintenance, and to guard against such harm, concrete needs to be sealed every two to five years. Concrete sealants not only have practical advantages, but they also enhance the concrete’s aesthetic appeal. They frequently give the flooring a glossy or matte finish to make it look freshly installed.

Concrete Sealing Techniques

Concrete sealing is a simple and low-cost task, making it a popular choice for do-it-yourself projects. Sealers are reasonably priced and widely available at most major hardware stores.

You must weigh the pros and cons of the various types of concrete sealants before deciding which one is right for your house. The various varieties of concrete sealers include:

Film Forming

Epoxy: Because they are so durable, epoxy concrete sealers are the most common. Epoxy concrete sealer performs well indoors, especially in commercial settings with high foot traffic or covered garages.
Acrylic: Acrylic sealers need sacrificial floor wax because they are softer than epoxy concrete sealers. Residential concrete floors, such as polished concrete kitchen floors, concrete benchtops, or basement floors, are the best candidates for acrylic concrete sealant.
Polyurethane: Polyurethane sealant is commonly used to seal joints in industrial and construction settings because it is more durable. This type of sealant is best used in high-traffic areas, such as retail settings or concrete countertops, due to its durability. It is also a popular driveway sealer. Polyurethane concrete sealer is also known to improve the aesthetic appeal of certain types of concrete, such as coloured or stamped concrete.


Because they offer a natural finish that doesn’t change the overall appearance of the concrete, penetrating sealers are best used outdoors. Penetrating sealers, such as silanes, siloxanes, and silicates, penetrate the concrete to seal internal pores and create a chemical barrier.

Since they can protect against weather conditions like rain that expose the concrete to high levels of water, penetrating sealers are a popular choice for outdoor use because of their exceptional durability.

The Best Concrete Sealer Australia: Nearby Concrete Sealing Products

Deco Crete D-ONE: This non-yellowing, low-sheen, low-viscosity spray-on sealer comes in a 5-gallon container. It is a siloxane-modified methyl methacrylate penetrating sealer to ensure maximum penetration. This product is strong and incredibly resilient, and it can withstand prolonged water exposure. This concrete sealant is not only able to withstand rain and saltwater pool system overflow, but it also improves the colour. Additionally, it forms films and covers 200–300 square feet per gallon (with each pail holding 5 gallons of sealant).

Crommelin 4L Natural DiamondCoat:

DiamondCoat Natural Paving and Concrete Sealer is a penetrating treatment with a solvent base. It’s very effective at repelling most types of liquids, including salt and chlorinated water. Since it is a water-based non-slip solvent, it won’t change the way concrete or pavement looks. It’s also very durable and does not stain. In addition, it is breathable so you can use it poolside as well. This treatment can be applied to most paving and concrete to provide moisture protection and a more natural aesthetic appearance.

Crommelin 1L DiamondCoat Charcoal Tint:

This DiamondCoat tint, another well-liked Crommelin product with rave reviews, is a solvent-based tinting agent that will stain and coat the concrete (or pavement) in a darker colour. For this product to function properly, Crommelin tintable sealer must also be used. Unlike paint, the colour penetrates the concrete’s surface, increasing the colour’s durability due to the strength of adhesion.

Colour Masters Sealer:

CCS Colour Master Sealer is a transparent, film-forming acrylic resin. It comes in 12 different colours and is ready to be tinted with the CCS Colour Master Tint. When combined with the tint, this product creates an opaque colour finish that can be gloss or matt. Applied Concrete Solutions can also create custom colours upon request.

Dulux Avista:

Dulux Avista general-purpose concrete sealer is a clear solvent-based substance that is extremely durable on all types of concrete surfaces. Dulux Avista concrete sealer is suitable for stamped, stencilled, coloured, resurfaced, and paver concrete. It comes in a variety of finishes and won’t affect the concrete’s aesthetic appeal (the most popular being semi-gloss). This product has a very quick application time and covers an area of about 3-6 square meters per litre (2 hours for the recoat, 2 hours to protect against light rain, 24 to protect against foot traffic, and 5 days to protect against vehicle traffic). It can be applied easily with a roller and is most effective when used outside.

Professional Services

Although DIY concrete sealing kits can be effective, if you are inexperienced in the process, you may not achieve even coverage or penetration. You may also encounter issues such as bubbling, foaming, or inconsistent finishes.

In addition, if your concrete surface is not properly cleaned and prepared, or if the sealant is applied in poor or unpredictable weather conditions, you may not achieve the desired aesthetic.

These issues can be avoided by hiring a professional service like The Pressure Cleaning Guys. A job is always made easier when you have the proper training and equipment, and you are also given service guarantees to protect your investment.

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